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We constantly follow global trends and make a difference with the video and social media content we produce to make your brand stand out in the digital world in the most accurate way! We highlight your products and services with the content you offer on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram TikTok, Pinterest and VK contribute to increasing your sales.

Video Marketing & Social Media Agency
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Frequently Asked Questions

Video marketing is the strategy of using video content to promote a company or individual's products, services or brand, engage customers and increase sales.  

Social media account management is the process of organizing, developing and managing a company or individual's presence on social media platforms. This includes creating accounts on various social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), sharing content, managing interactions, performing analytics, and overall implementing the social media strategy.

Social media account management involves implementing a variety of strategies to create and maintain an effective presence on a company or individual's social media platforms. First, during the account creation phase, the company or individual opens accounts on social media platforms suitable for its target audience and organizes these accounts in accordance with its brand identity and purpose. Next, the content strategy is determined. This strategy involves the types of content to be shared regularly to attract and influence a specific audience. Text, visual and video content are used in a balanced way to reflect the values and message of the brand.