rawy io

In video advertising, the "Video making Platform", Rawy is a platform where you can find speed, efficiency and performance at the same time, and is split into three main service channels within itself.

Rawy IO lets us render and make a video in minutes when you drag and drop static images into the platform.

Rawy ECOM is becoming a solution center for the foreign and Turkish e-commerce opening of brands, with the development of exports and e-exports.

RAWY CAMP, integrated with the Programmatic DSPs, we are trying to build an integrated system that will enable the videos produced in Rawy to be broadcast in assemblies at a speed of one-tenth of a second.

Make effective Creative decisions

It's easy to know which ads perform better or worse, but do you know why?
The Rawy's Intelligent Creative platform tells you why and what to do.

Maximize the impact of your advertising creatives

70% of your campaign results are directed by the ad. Rawy has you covered with actionable insights and world-class capabilities to measure and optimize creative performance. We make it easy for you to know whether your ads are brand-related, meet the best practices on the platform, and give you the results you want.

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