How Should Brands Invest in Video Marketing?

So, let's take a look at what marketers think about this issue, how much budget is allocated to video marketing, and how brands invest in video marketing.

How Should Brands Invest in Video Marketing?

All global marketers know well that video marketing stands out as the best content marketing method for brands. In a survey, it was found that 31% of marketers allocate 21% to 40% of their marketing budgets to videos.

30% of them spend 41% to 60% of their total budgets on video marketing.

Where is the Budget Mostly Spent in Video Marketing?

Video creation process has been determined to have the most costly part in the "production" stage. Production, the most important dynamic in the production phase, includes processes such as lighting and sound arrangement, camera front-end hardware, and so on.

The procurement and setup of this equipment account for about 24% of the budget. Stages such as creating a flow before producing video content, editing after production, and publishing also require a cost.

According to the survey, about 90% of marketers state that they spend close to $50,000 on creating marketing videos.

Video Marketing Techniques

  • In the video marketing process, 69% of video marketers use their own equipment, 10% rent, and 21% do both. While creating video content in-house may be less costly, doing it with external agency support ensures more qualitative and professional results. Many brands opt for creating videos with external agencies to contribute to return on investment.
  • One of the magical elements that make a difference when creating video content is the lighting. No matter how interesting your theme is, and how high-quality your camera and shooting techniques are, if you don't have proper lighting, your video won't reach the desired audience and click count. Lighting adds extra meaning and emotion to the video.

In addition, sound quality, camera and shooting quality, lens, and other accessories are also important for video quality.

  • Creating content from scratch, if your time is limited, will cause you to waste time. For this, by using content banks, you will save time by planning an original structure and compiling popular content.
  • When video editing, Adobe comes to mind first. Although Adobe is software used in professional productions, its complex structure and high cost are disadvantages. If you have an Apple device, you will also have free video editing software. Although it has limited features, it is hardware that will serve as a simple editor.
  • Considering the fact that e-commerce and online shopping have positively influenced life, brands need to update themselves with changes every day to reach potential customers and attract their attention. The results show that online video is a very effective dynamic in the eyes of consumers, no matter where in the world. According to research, 70% of viewers have been found to purchase a brand's products just because they saw them on YouTube. This means an increasing number of advertisers reaching results through the video channel every day.

As seen, video marketing is a crucial element in the content creation process and helps you achieve your goals and increase sales.

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